Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals

DITEP Program Overview

The purpose of the DITEP (Drug Impairment Training for Educational Professionals) Program is to provide school administrators, teachers, and nurses with a systematic approach to recognizing and evaluating individuals in the academic environment who are using or are impaired by drugs, in order to provide early intervention. The training is not intended to qualify participants as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE). Rather its purpose is to aid in the evaluation and documentation of those suspected of using drugs and those impaired by drugs. DITEP Instructors have all received training as Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) and DRE Instructors, specific training on the DITEP curriculum, are experienced law enforcement personnel, have extensive experience in alcohol and drug impairment, and are passionate about addressing and preventing drug use among youth.

Curriculum in this Course:

This FREE DITEP program offers one and two day training classes across the state of Texas. The two day class will provide school personnel who have never attended a DITEP class, or may not have been to one recently, detailed information on how to recognize impairment, evaluate the individual, and address that impairment with parents. The one day class is meant for those who have previously attended the two day training and need updated information and hands on practice with a DITEP trainer.

Those who complete the two-day DITEP training class will receive extensive information on drugs and their effects. The course includes an introduction and overview of the course, information on alcohol and the seven drug categories, drug combinations and polydrug use, and policies and procedures on contacting parents. Along with that information, there will be hands-on training in how to administer the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus, Vertical Gaze Nystagmus, and Lack of Convergence tests, eye examinations, Divided Attention Testing such as the Romberg Balance, Walk and Turn, One Leg Stand, and Finger to Nose tests, and using a person’s vital signs to provide information about the presence or absence of various categories of drugs.

Who is the course for?

The DITEP program is designed primarily for administrators, teachers, school resource officers, counselors, nurses and education trainers in the academic setting. 

If you are interested in scheduling a DITEP class, please contact LEAD Staff Instructor Mark Busbee:

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